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President of the Take Back Your Privacy Foundation (“TBYP“) Friederike van der Jagt was interviewed by the Financieele Dagblad about TikTok’s new ‘privacywashing’ campaign. Also discussed is TBYP’s collective damages action against TikTok with the support of the Consumentenbond. According to Van der Jagt, it is no coincidence that TikTok is now conducting this campaign in i.a. The Hague: because of social pressure, TikTok is trying to convince policymakers and public opinion that it takes privacy and consumer rights seriously. Van der Jagt calls this “privacywashing” and is not convinced by TikTok’s efforts. 

A hearing in the TikTok case, in which TBYP demands that TikTok comply with the law and seeks €2 billion in damages on behalf of Dutch underage TikTok users, will take place on 28 June 2023.